OSAMES is an Open Source Accounting Management and Ecommerce Solution developed in C#.
Base on a custom framework using ASP.net Ribbon and NHibernate.
Satus : under development

18-05-2015 : Osames ORM version 0.2.0 is avaliable on http://osames.github.io/osames-orm/

07-16-2014 : We working this subproject http://issues.osames.org/browse/ORM for OSAMES.

Framework and tools used
Spring Framework.
Selenium IDE (Only Firefox) Simulate human actions for testing web interface.
.NET Reflector explore and analyze compiled .NET assemblies.
yEd diagram tool.
Pencil Project prototyping tool.
Sentinel Logs Viewer for NLog & Log4Net.

Control versioning
Git for Windows

Database Support
  • MS-Sql
  • Postgresql
  • Mysql

Server Support
Windows : IIS 7/8
Linux :Mono Actually not supported.

History & Roadmap

Date Version .NET 3.5 .NET 4.0 .Net 4.5 Mono < 2.11.2 Mono 2.11.3 Mono > 2.11.3
Jully 2010 Project started No Yes Yes No No No


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